Introduction: How to Make a Easy on and Off Switch

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Do u hate having a switch that a wire falls off and u either have to rap the wire around the posts or hot glue it well this is simple and easy to do....... DO NOT B STUPID AND HOOK UP TO OUTLET ELECTRICITY I ONLY SUGGEST USING THIS WITH BATTERIES SUCH AS 9V AND LOWER DON'T B DUMB XD..

Step 1: Clothes Pin Base

U need to take it and brake it I used some old tin snips to make the brake cleaner and, a file to take off the jagged edges #1 is the clothes pin, #2 is wat u should use (the circled one). u can use both sides but u only need one, #3 is broken and u r using it. throw the other piece away. this is the time to file it if you want

Step 2: Thumbtack Contact Posts

U only need 2 I used and suggest that you use the tacks with plastic covers so u can cut them off and get to the bare metal as in #3 I used wire cutters to do this step Srry for the bad graphics

Step 3: Wiring

#1 is the switch part where u can (turn it on and off) so u have a complete and incomplete circuit, #2 u wrap the wire around #1 as seen in #4 then u wrap #3 on one of the tacks as seen in #5 then u place #4 on one of the tacks as seen in #6. again Srry for the bad graphics. then, you hammer or push in the tacks into the clothes pin base, #5 first. I used a hammer gently hammering them in b careful u could hurt yourself. this is how it should look as seen in #7 then, the same with #6. leave some room for #6 so u can move it from side to side as Seen in #8 and ur done #9 off #10 on thanks for viewing