How to Make an Evening Gown




Introduction: How to Make an Evening Gown

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What you need.
  1. Fabric: Lycra
  2. Scissors
  3. Sweing Machine
  4. Elastic band
Remember to know how much fabric you need, first know your measures! :) Good Luck!

Step 1: First Step

Lets Start!
  1. Measure the bust line
  2. Mark on the fabric then cut
  3. Fold in half and on the middle sew the elastic.
  4. Sew again to close up the top

Step 2: Second Step

  1. Fold in half the other fabric
  2. With the help of the red top mark as you see in the pictures. Don't forget to pin it!
  3. Cut and then use that piece to agian the other side.
  4. Pin it! and Sew both sides. :)
  5. Now pin the red top and the other part and sew carefully ;)

Step 3: Third Step

Tha last Step!
  1. For the belt fold the fabric by the lenght and sew
  2. Measure exactly your waist line and sew
The widht of the belt depends of your waist line ;)

Now you're done to look gorgeous! 

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    I love this!
    There is no where I will be to wear an evening gown tho, but im sure if i shorten it to cut off at the knees it will make a beautiful summer dress :D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    There's no chance I'll ever sew any of these clothes, but it's such a pleasure to watch the beautiful Gianny transform fabric to the lovely creations she makes.