How to Make a Fake Iv

Introduction: How to Make a Fake Iv

How to make a fake iv

Step 1: Stick the Small Straw in the Ice

Step 2: Place a Small Peice of Tape on the Area Where You Want the Fake Iv

Step 3: Stick the Toothpick Through the Tape So That It Is Laying on Top of the Skin With Part of the Toothpick Out of the Tape

may be easier if you stick the toothpick through the tape before putting tape on skin

Step 4: Lay Extra Peices of Tape on Toothpick That Is Sticking Out

one side only

Step 5: Insert Straw on Other End of Toothpick

Step 6: Attach a Rubber Band to Straw to Secure

note     i will be making one for the medicine bag and tubing

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    sorry pictures were not werkin


    9 years ago on Introduction

    what you need

    small straw
    cup of ice
    rubber band