Introduction: How to Make a Foam Panda

Here is a panda that I made out craft foam  and  used it for animation

Step 1: How to Make the Head

1.Start by  taking a  masking tape and put it on the white craft foam and draw a circle
2. then cut the head piece out

Step 2: How to Make the Body

1. Taking the masking tape and put it on the same white craft foam
2. cut the body out and figure where the body should be by head

Step 3: How to Make the Eyes

1. Take the black craft foam and make two small circles
2.Then glue them to the head and body

Step 4: How to Glue the Second Pair of Eyes

 1.    Have bag full of google eyes 
2.  Then glue them to the black circles

Step 5: How to Put Them Together

1. Glue the head to the body
2.Make sure they stick them together

Step 6: How to Make the Tail

1.Make the tail  out of black craft foam
2. Take the glue and glue it on

Step 7: How to Make the Legs

1. Cut the legs out of black craft foam
2.Glue the legs on the body beside the tail

Step 8: How to Make the Arms

 1. Cut the arms out  of  black craft foam
 2. Glue them to the body

Step 9: How to Make the Rice Bowl

 1.  Outline the shape on the craft foam
2.  Cut the bowl out for the foam rice

Step 10: How Tomake the First Rice Ball

1.  Outline the circle on the white craft foam
2.Cut the white circle out
3. Glue the white ball to the bowl

Step 11: How to Make the Second Rice Ball

 1. Outline a circle on the white craft foam
2.  Cut the white foam circle out
3. Glue the white circle to the bowl

Step 12: How to Make the Third Rice Ball

1.Outline the white craft foam with a pen and masking tape
2.Cut the circle out with scissors
3.Glue the third rice ball to the two whites circles

Step 13: How to Make a Sign

1. Draw a line on the black craft  foam
2. Cut the  drawn sign out with scissors
3. Take the glue stick to the sign  and stick it on the bowl

Step 14: How to Make Chop Sticks

1.Outline the brown craft foam with the pen
2.Cut the line with scissors 
3. Cut it in half in two
4. Glue them to the rice bowl