Introduction: How to Make a Forge

not to forge a sword with, it's for small metalworking and aluminum melting.

Step 1: Materials

for this you will need;

brake drum
metal pipe 1 1/2 or 2 in
bathroom ventilation fan or other small fan (a hairdryer will work)
scrap metal
two 6 in by 5 in metal plate (1/8 in thick)
3 in by 3 in metal plate (1/8 in thick)
angle iron


plasma torch
air compressor
arc welder

Step 2: Cut

cut two pieces of pipe, one about 7 in, the other around 18 in

cut a hole slightly smaller than the pipe in the small plate and in one large plate.

cut a hole slightly smaller than the pipe in the short pipe 2 1/2 in down

cut the angle iron into 3 pieces about 33 in long

cut the end of the long pipe at a 25 degree angle

Step 3: Weld

weld the top of the short pipe to the small plate

weld the small plate to the brake drum

weld the long pipe (angled side)to the short pipe

weld the angle iron on to the short pipe like a tripod

weld the large plate on to the long pipe

weld the other large plate onto the long plate at a right angle so it can hold the fan to the pipe opening

weld scrap metal (small rods) onto the brake drum to make a grate

Step 4: Finish It

put the fan on the big plate