Introduction: How to Make a Free Website Using HTML.

Now I know that anyone can go to freewebs (ahem, webs) and get a free website, but that requires no skill. What does require skill is HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and it is the building block of every website.

Step 1: Sub-Domains.

To get the essential website started, you need to get a Sub-Domain. A Sub-Domain is a URL that is a subsidiary of a regular URL. An example of a Sub-Domain would be or To get your website up and running, we are going to use to get our Sub-Domain. Make a Webs account. Your username will be the title of the website, so act accordingly. When you get to the templates section of the account creator, click use advanced HTML template.

Step 2: HTML

Now that you have made an account, you need to learn HTML. To get an idea of HTML, mouse over the view button in the Internet Explorer console and click on Source. If you are smart, and using Safari or Firefox, to get the Source you basicly do the same thing.


All HTML codes must begin with and end with . The indicates the closing text, or in this case, the closing of the HTML document. Most HTML commands end with .

List of Commands:

The opening and closing of the document.

Step 3: Creating the Final Product.

Mouse over to the Edit My Site drop down menu and select File manager. Then click on the T next to a file and name it index.html. The .html is incredibly important, as it will be your home page. Then go back to the file manager and click on the pencil next to index.html and create your website!