Introduction: How to Make a Gaming Vibro-mouse


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Step 1: How to Make the Mouse Vibrate?

We need:

- A small motor. By the way, you may replace the motor with the vibrator from old cell-phone.
- Switch
- Solderer
- Wires
- Glue pistol Let's start!)

Step 2: Vibro-mouse for Gaming. It Means That When You Shot From Any Weapon in the Game, Mouse Begins to Vibrate, Imitating Recoil.

Step 3: Solder the Wires to the Motor. the First One Is +5 V Power, a Middle Wire Out of the 5 Wires Coming Out of the Unit, It Has a Red Color. Solder the Wires to the Switch and Power Unit.

Step 4: Switch the Vibration on During the Shooter Games, And... Unforgettable Feelings From the Weapon Recoil!!!

Step 5: This Upgrade May Fully Evaluate RPG Gamers (of Shooters), With Every Press of the Mouse (attack/shooting), the Vibration of Mouse Will Be Felt, Accordingly, You Will Feel the Trembling of Real Weapon During the Attack.

Step 6: Have You Played Enough? Turn Off the Vibration, Pressing the Switch on the Side!

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