Introduction: How to Make a Gear Bag

I wanted something to protect my roller derby helmet from getting scratched when I wasn't wearing it, but to still look cool while in transit! So I made a simple little gear bag.

you will need:

Fabric 80cm x 50cm
Cord 120cm
Ruler/ tape measure
Sewing machine
Over locker ( if you have one don't worry if you don't)
Large safety pin or cord threader

Step 1:

pre wash and cut your fabric to size
I used 50cm x 80cm but this may change on the size of the gear you want to put in your bag.

Step 2:

Place your fabric so that the patterned side is facing down onto your working surface
On the 2 shortest sides fold down about 1cm and iron down then sew along the fold.

Step 3:

Now Over lock along the other 2 remaining sides, If you don't have an over locker just sew with your regular machine. This is to prevent the edges from fraying.

Step 4:

Still working with the fabrics patterned side towards your working surface, along ONE of the longest sides fold and iron about 2.5cm (which ever edge you want for the top of your bag. If it's patterned make sure the pattern is upright!) then sew into place along the overlocked edge.
This will be where you need to thread the cord for the draw string.

Step 5:

Now fold your fabric in half so that the 2 patterned sides face each other. (Imagine this like an inside out pillowslip).
Sew along the edges of the bottom and side seams, just be sure NOT to sew right to the top on the
side where you will thread in the cord.
turn in the right way and iron flat to get nice square corners

Step 6:

now get your safety pin and thread the cord onto it , or use the threader like I have, thread this through the opening you've previously made around the top of the bag. adjust it to the length you like then tie the 2 ends together and cut off any remaining cord.

Hey presto a finished bag :)