How to Make a Grill Cheese in a Toaster

Introduction: How to Make a Grill Cheese in a Toaster

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The grill cheese sandwich is a staple to the American diet. Invented in 1920's it became popular when sliced American cheese was more available.
I saw this neat idea on this website after experimenting with cooking sandwiches in a regular slot toaster.  This is one of the easiest ways to make a grill cheese without a grill or microwave.

You will need:
1 regular slot toaster
2 slices of bread
2 slices of Premium American sliced cheese. (So American George Washington would approve)

I use Cooper American Pasteurized Cheese Product, I find it a great alternative to Kraft American and its a bit stickier and melts smoother.  Plus anything with that long of a name equals fine dining.

Step 1: Step One Load Toaster

1)Turn toaster on its side.
Safety first.
This is a very unconventional way to use a toaster.  On just about every toaster I have used (about 2 of them) the sides get very hot.  Recon the area and check for cheap counter tops, plastic cheese wrappers or anything else that can melt or catch fire from the hot sides.
Adjust the toast setting a little lower than what your used to.

2)Unwrap the cheese from its plastic protective home.
3)Lay one slice of cheese on its soft bed of bread.
4)Secure one slice into each of the magic toasting ports located on the top side of the toaster.
5) Mash the external toaster lowering mechanism to feed the sliced bread beds into the toaster.
6) Observe magic.

Step 2: Observe and Remove

It took about a minute to turn ordinary bread and cheese into an American delicacy.

Safety First -You have to watch the toaster at all times.  My first attempt at this the fine cheese bubbled up nicely and hit the hot heating element.  This resulted in an excessive amount of smoke for one sandwich.
Also propping the toaster end up on a plate will prevent it from shooting toast across the room.  The cheese side will land face down about 99 percent of the time (source needed).

After the sandwich pops out remove and marry the cheese ends together.  Cutting the sandwich on a diagonal is an extra step but shows love to the sandwich recipient.


A good beverage to pair this with would be some red flavored Kool-Aid or a glass of 2% milk.

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