Introduction: How to Make a Hairstyle With Green Foam Moss

Step 1: Materials

Green foam moss, hairpins, hairspray/foam, a hair elastic and a hairbrush.
Decoration: Butterflies from a flower decoration or whatever you can find.

Step 2:

Shape the green foam moss with a rounding in the top. You do so by marking where to cut and then cut with a knife.

Step 3:

Part your hair in the back of your head, and tie the hair in the front of the parting in a nut.
Place the foam moss on the parting, and take the hair from the back and cover the back side of the foam moss.

Step 4:

Now take the hair from the front and the back and make a small ponytail on the top of the foam.

Step 5:

Put hairpins and hairfoam in the hair so everything is held in place, and then hide the ponytail.

Step 6:

Now you have a spectacular hairstyle, but if you want to you can decorate it. Ex. with butterflies from a flower decoration or a hat made of sponges.