Introduction: How to Make a Halloween Costume for Less.

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this is an instructable on how to make a halloween costume for not a lot of money depending on what you've got. I made this for my beautiful daughter modelling the clothes.

First check through your closet pick out anything old and not precious. Depending on what you have organise reds together in a pile,blacks together in a pile, Oranges together in a pile, whites together in a pile and browns together in a pile. Pick what monster you want to be a witch, a devil, a pumpkin, a ghost, a werewolf or a vampire. Your orange clothes would be for a pumpkin. Your whites for a ghost. Your blacks for a witch. Your reds for a devil.Browns for a werewolf. And for vampires red and black. If you only have a small quantity of clothes needed for your outfit do not be tempted to go to your favourite fashion store. Make your way to the highstreet charity shops. There look for missing items to your outfit IE bottoms or tops. Now you will need assecories.

Witch assecories 

For a witch find an old witches hat or build your own with PRO Veryinterestings Instructable on how to make a Hat & Broom for the Eco-Friendly Witch.The hat is best for this one. Other assesorices include a necklace a wig and black high heels (pumps for kids) and don't forget that broomstick check out PRO Chioks instructable on how to make a Nimbus 2000 broomstick.

Devil assecories

For a devil you need horns I borrowed this idea from woofboy111 who made an instructable on how to make a demon mask. For the horns take a sheet of paper and roll it into a cone. Hold it's shape with some tape, and bend the cone in places if you want curvy horns paint red and make another one. Stick both horns onto a red headband. No devil is complete without a tail so simply tie a red scarf around your waist with it hanging down. Or get an old red tie stuff it with cotton wool and tie the same way. If you want to make the tail more realistic stuff a wire down the tie or put the wire down the side of the scarf. If your wearing a dress finish off the look with fishnet tights. But wait I'm forgetting something oh yeh the fork now here is where you can break the rules and buy one from a fancy dress shop. It is much cheaper to buy this than make it. 

Werewolf assecories

For a werewolf you need to be hairy so check material sales for faux fur. Also boots look great brown are perfect if not any shoes are fine. You will also need to have face paint without face paint you just look like you. Buy some cheap vampire fangs and weir them upside down to look like you have big teeth.

Vampire assecories

For a vampire you will of course need fangs buy them cheap from the pound shop. Also fake blood is essential and if your on a real tight budget use tomato ketchup or follow T3N31s method for fake blood.As a vampiress you can add the wow factor with a choker from an instructable I'm going to make soon. Add fishnet tights and killer heels to complete the look. For my daughter we didn't have fishnet tights so we just used black tights feel free to do this too.

Now feel free to snip,chop and rip apart

Thats my instructable any cheaper ideas please tell me hope you enjoy and have a spooky Halloween. All Instructables please be credited to the owners there were many more istructables  PS: check out my pics and comment!

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