Introduction: How to Make a Hat (like This)

Make a hat like this! Originally, I wanted to make a newsboy cap, but it ended up looking more like a police hat...
Maybe, if I used a different material, it would look more like a newsboy cap. Nevertheless, try this out!...With fabric, if possible...

Materials needed:
-Any material (fabric, old jeans, old shirts, plastic bag, cardboard, paper, etc)
-marking utensil (pen,pencil, chalk, marker, etc)
-connecting tools (threat and needle, sewing machine, stapler, tape, rubber band, etc.)
-tape measure
-ruler/straight edge
-time and energy
-and whatever else you need.

Step 1: Step One

Measure your head from the end of your hair on your forehead
and the end of your hair behind your neck with the tape measure.
Include the ears and wrap it fairly tight on your head.
It doesn't matter if you use inches or centimeters.
I prefer centimeters.
I measured my head 60 cm.

Step 2:

This is to make the band.
To make it easier on myself, I used inches for this one only.
This is the width of the band.
The length  of the band is the same as my head measurement.
Since there are six divisions of the hat, I will divide my head measurement by 6.
So, my markings throughout the band is 10 cm.
If the measurement of your head is different from mine, then the numbers are different.
If you would like a small allowance to your band, you are free to do so.

This is to make the brim.
Cut a 20 cm by 10 cm material (for my measurements).
Which is the measurement of divisions.
It may be different if the measurement of your divisions are different.
The height of the blue times 40% is the measurement of brim (4 cm).
Sketch the curves, then cut them out.
Once again, you are free to add an allowance to your brim.

Step 3: Step Three

To make the crucial part of the hat, you'll need to make one of these.
Nevermind the microscopic text box down there on the first picture.
To begin, multiply the measurement of your head by 30%.
60 cm times 30% is 18 cm.
This is for the white line.
If you calculated a decimal, especially, a strange one,
simply round it to the nearest easiest measurement....I guess.

For second picture:
The orange is the six division measurement, (which is 10 cm for my case.)
The white is head times 30%, (18 cm).
The gray is how it looked like before I cut it out.
The green is White times 20%. (4 cm~rounded).
The yellow is an angle. It will always be 60 degrees because there are six divisions.
     (Unless you want to change it to five or eight.)
     Because of the angle, a giant triangle is made for a certain convenience.
The blue is 6 cm here.
The pink is half of the blue.
The red is half of the pink. Then cut the red off.

Step 4: Step Four

Place reference on material, trace, and add some allowance as much as you like.

Step 5: Step Five

When connecting, leave a little opening on top for the button to be placed.
The green indicates where the reference is marked.
The blue is where you connect.
Arrow means to continue.
Until next picture.
The white is where you also connect.
If you continue, it will look like some sort of geometrical flower.
In that picture, I haven't connected the the place where my finger is, yet.
The white  lines on the flower is where you connect the divided band to.

Step 6: Step 6

Before you continue, let's make the button on top.
This is why we made a small opening earlier.
Get a button, cut material large enough for button,
then wrap two opposite sides on the button.
on the adjacent ends, twist them like a candy.
Once is enough, if you want more security, twist more.
Join the twists and connect them somehow.
I used a rubber band.
You now have a fancy badminton.
Connect it to the inside...Somehow..
Warning: button may be heavy if stressed with too much materials.

Step 7: Step Seven

Moving on, Connect band to flower.
Then connect brim to band of flower.
Place it wherever is most convenient.
I taped it that's why it is easy for me.
If you are sewing, add a little allowance to the brim,
cut the middle of the allowance (for less resistance from the curve of the brim),
and then connect it hidden between the band.
It should at least look like the third picture.
And then ta da!
You are done.
Here are more pictures.
The button is hard to see, but it is there.