Introduction: How to Make a Heavy Duct Tape Tennis Ball (Pitcher's Ball)

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Hey everyone, this is my first instructable. Here I will be showing you how to make a Pitcher's Ball (duct tape tennis ball).

For this you will need:
-Tennis Ball
-Duct tape
-A lot of small heavy objects (coins-- pennies are the best, stones, bolts, etc)
-Knife or scissors

Why would you want to do this?
To freak out a friend by tossing them the ball and watch them fail at catching the heavy ball because they think it is light (they haven't felt it).

Shot put

Working on pitching or throwing and catching-- if you practice with a heavy ball, and you become good with it, then when you switch back to using a normal ball, it is very easy to catch and throw.

Random Fun-- Just tossing it back and forth with a friend

NOTE-- I am not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by this. It is heavy and can be dangerous if thrown at someone. This should be common sense. Build and use at your own risk!

Step 1: Find the Coins

1. Sort your coins and make a pile of all of your pennies (or whatever invaluable coin you use)

I'm sure that everyone has a bunch of extra change lying around somewhere, so find that and sort through it to find the pennies (pennies are the best because they are small and cheap). NOTE: You will not get the coins that you use for this project back unless you destroy the final project (very difficult). Because of this I highly recommend using pennies because they are fairly invaluable.

If you are not using coins then make sure that the objects are fairly small and that you have an abundant supply of them.

Step 2: Cutting the Tennis Ball

For the tennis ball i recommend using the dirtiest one you have (NOTE: you will not get it back unless you destroy the final project).

Then using a knife or even a pair of scissors, (carefully) cut a small slit in the tennis ball (big enough to put pennies in-- maybe a inch or so long).

After cutting the tennis ball you should be able to squeeze the tennis ball so the hole will get larger.

Step 3: Putting the Coins in the Tennis Ball

While squeezing the tennis ball start putting your coins in. You can decide how many coins to put in by frequently feeling the weight of the ball. However, with less coins in it, they will shake and move around a lot more.

What I did was fill up the whole ball with coins to make it extra heavy.

Step 4: Putting the Tape on the Tennis Ball

After you have the desired weight, tape over the ball with duct tape. Cover all of the ball with about 5-7 layers of duct tape. This ensures that the ball will not break leak coins. If the tape gets torn somehow later, just out more over it.

Note-- It is nearly impossible to take the tape off and get your coins out after this step.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Test the by throwing it up and down (outside of course). Or play with it with a friend.

This is very simple to make and takes only about 5-10 minutes (not including sorting through your money to find the right coins).

These last forever and can be repaired very easily which leads me to me motto:
"Duct tape can fix everything"