Introduction: How to Make a High Power Burning Blueray Laser! Easy,cheap and Focusable!

This is a DIY guide on how to make your HIGH POWER burning BLUE-ray laser.

You are dealing with very high power lasers that will blind anyone in under half a secound if shined into your eyes or anyone elses eyes!

Now onto the first PIC! :D

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Flashlight Stuff

Flashlight stuff.

Step 3: The Polarity

Ok first off get your 9-LED flashlight take out the little metal ring (force or pressure whatever works) and then take out out all the stuff inside it, all you need is the little metal ring, the pcb board thing and the head of the flashlight, also the little shiny thing that the leds fit into and cut out the middle of it.

Desolder all the leds on the pcb board.

Now file down the edges on the metal ring.

Solder wires onto the postive and negative pins on the diode in your heatsink, put the wires through the o-ring that comes with the heatsink then you put them through the shiny thing from the flashlight and solder them to the flexdrive connection pads.

Then solder wires onto the - and + of the driver and then put the wires through the holes on the pcb board and solder them on.

Go to step three on how to put it all together.

Step 4: How to Put It All Together!

How to put it all together.

Step 5: Finished!!!!!!

Now you have finished your laser!

If you need more help this guide is great too!

This will last WAY longer then kipkays lasers cause his DON'T use drivers or heatsinks making them die VERY quickly.

Hope you enjoy your laser!

(I did not design this laser or make any of the parts I linked to I only made this guide.)