Introduction: How to Make a "high-rider" Tall Bike

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Tall Bikes are a form of modified transportation that can be personalized by your choice of assemblage and bicycle selection. This particular style we call the "high-rider" for it's large front fork and similarity in design to a low-rider.

Made by Gabriel Kaprielian and Garret Farmer.

Step 1: Find Some Beater Bicycles

Find some beater bicycles to use. You should select one men's bicycle and one women's bicycle with dropped top bar.

Step 2: Disassemble Bicycle

The men's bicycle should be disassembled so that the frame is left bare. Take the wheels off the women's bicycle.

Step 3: Cutting Frames

Use an angle grinder to cut bicycle frames (not scissors as shown). You can lay frames on the ground on top of each other to figure out the best angle and spot to cut. This will determine the final tall bike height. Make sure not to cut into the women's bicycle bottom bracket.

Step 4: Weld Frames

Align bicycle frames at points of connection. Place wood 2x4s on each side of the frames and clamp down to keep frames in alignment. Weld frames together at the points shown. (Note: bicycle frames are hollow and welding must go quickly; be especially careful welding the bottom bracket)

Step 5: Steel Fork

You will need to buy steel tubing for the addition to the front fork. Stainless steel is recommended. You will need to find a tube that is slightly larger than the front fork of the women's bicycle, so that it's fork can fit inside.

Step 6: Cutting Fork

Cut the front fork of the women's frame near the middle, maintaining some of the fork for both the top and bottom.

Step 7: Welding New Fork

Insert the women's fork inside of the new fork addition and weld together. You should have some overlap on the top and bottom for added strength. You should also add a metal piece connecting the new fork together above the wheel.

Step 8: Riding Tall

Have fun riding tall and make some more tall bikes with friends so you can have a posse!