Introduction: How to Make a Kandi Hair Bow

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For this tutorial you will need:

-Elastic string (I'm using .5 mm cloth covered string)
-27 pony beads (7 for the inside color and 20 for the outside)
-A hair clip

If you are having difficulty following the picture tutorial feel free to watch my video tutorial.

Step 1: Making the Skeleton

The skeleton is the basis of a peyote stitch. You alternate stringing on two beads and one bead. Follow each picture step. If you get confused I've attached a diagram with the beading pattern on it.

Step 2: Starting Row Two

Tie a regular square knot and loop through the last bead you strung on. We are now going to alternate between adding beads on and threading the string through the previous row to keep them in place.

Step 3: Starting Row Three

Add another bead and string through the last bead you strung on. Continue beading until you come to the end of this row.

Step 4: Creating the Top Points

We will now start to create the points. You are only going to string on two beads this row. To hide the string we will string it through the middle 5 beads before we add the second bead in the row.

Step 5: Creating the Bottom Points

Loop your string to the bottom and string it through the last outside bead. Continue exactly how you made the top points.

Step 6: Attatching the Hair Clip

To attach the hair clip I tired the excess string around three points. Two at the bigger end and one around the point. I did not tie it around the middle prong because when you put it in your hair it can slide off the end. There are several ways to tie it this is the way I've found to be most affective.

Step 7: You're Done!

You've now completed your first kandi hair bow! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below or on my YouTube channel: