Introduction: How to Make a K'nex Piston

This is a simple k'nex piston. The gears only make it go slower so you can see it.

Step 1: Pieces Needed


2 long grey rods

5 long red rods

8 yellow rods

18 blue rods

8 white rods

2 green rods

Total 43


16 yellow connectors

16 purple connectors

3 orange connectors

1 bendable connector

8 grey connectors

1 blue connector

Total 45


2 tan clips

1 small gear

1 big gear

Total 4

Grand Total 92

Step 2: Build This

Step 3: Build the Middle Bit and Put It On

Step 4: Add the Top Bit On

Step 5: Put Some of the Blue Rods on the Connectors That Go Up

Step 6: Add the Top Bits On

Step 7: Make This and Add It On

Step 8: Add the Blue Rods On

Step 9: Add the Top Part On

Step 10: Make This

Step 11: Slide It Through and Put the End Bits On

Step 12: Add the Huge Wheel on With the Other Parts Shown in the Picture

Step 13: Put This Onto It

Step 14: Pull the Two Rods Out and Move the Grey Connector to the Onto the Side

Step 15: Make This

Step 16: Put It On

Step 17: Put These Parts On

Step 18: If You Need Any Help Tell Me in the Comments. If You Want It to Be Alot Faster Swap the to Gears Around.