Introduction: How to Make a Lamp!

A crafty lamp made of wire hangers, canvas, and beads.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

3-4 Wire Hangers
Wire Cutter
Gorilla Glue (you can also use a glue gun, super glue etc.)
9 ”x 24”Canvas (or any other strong material)
Sewing Kit
Fire Retardant Spray
Lamp making kit
Light bulb
Vase for the stand (or a bottle)

Step 2: Making the Frame

-  Using the pliers, untwist the wire hangers so that they are straight.

-  Use your ruler and wire cutter to measure and cut two 23” inch pieces of wire

-  Use the pliers to make small loops on the ends of both sticks of wire.

-  Use the pliers to make a circle with each stick. Hook the loops at the ends to close the circle

-  Using your ruler and wire cutters, measure and cut two 10”inch pieces of wire.

-  Make loops on both ends of both sticks with pliers.

-  Hook the loops to the circle pieces of wire you made earlier so that they are all connected.

-  Glue the loops to secure them in place.

-  Using your ruler and wire cutter, measure and cut four 4” inch pieces of wire. Make loops on both
ends of each wire with the pliers.

-  Hook one end of all 4 wires to the bottom circle.

-  Using you ruler and wire cutter, measure and cut 3”inches of wire. Make it into a ring using pliers.

-  Hook the loops of the four wires to the ring. Glue everything to secure them into place.

Step 3: Making the Shade

-  Sew the canvas around the frame.

-  Cut off any excess material.

-  Spray the entire shade with Flame retardant spray.

Step 4: Assembly

-  Use the instructions on the lamp kit to build it.

-  Place the neck through the ring on the lamp shade frame.

-  Use a vase or candle holder as the base and glue the bottom into the lip of the base.

Step 5: Decorating

-  Using your ruler and scissors, cut 24” inches of the annealed wire.

-  Add colorful beads on the wire, and wrap them around the lamp shade. Twist the wire ends to secure
them together.

Plug it in, and you've got yourself a lamp!