How to Make a Large Tripod

Introduction: How to Make a Large Tripod

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When making a movie or filming a video sometimes you don't have all the equipment there for you to use or all you have is broken old equipment. Here's an easy way to make a broken tripod usable.

Step 1: Find a Broken Tripod

If you don't have a broken tripod but you have some medal poles lying around, Measure and cut them to your desired length and weld the pieces together. If you wish for an adjustable tripod, find a smaller sized pole that will fit inside your other pole, make multiple holes in the smaller pole and one hole in the bigger pole. (Make sure they are evenly sized and that a screw will fit in the hole) If you'd like wheels, you can find an old wheeled chair and take them off to put your pole inside. If the pole is too small for the wheel base you can screw holes in the bottom of both and find a screw to keep them together. (medal wheel base works best if you wish to weld the wheels on).

Step 2: Find a Blue Block of Plastic

we used a block 1.5" high 2" wide 3" long. You can use medal or wood for this but we chose plastic for a tight but movable fit.

Step 3: Clamp That Clamp and Prepare for Drilling

Step 4: Drilling Your Block

Find a bit that fits the diameter of your pole snugly. Mark the middle of your block, line up your bit. Drill 3/4 of the way through the block. Finally clean out you block of shaving and try it out for size.

note: it may not always fit the first time better to be to small then to big.

Step 5: Drill a Smaller Hole

Use a drill and drill a hole that will fit a screw to attach your camera to your tripod.

Step 6: Find a Screw

Find a screw that would fit the bottom of your camera, through you whole in the block and is not to long.

Note: we used a screw around half an inch in length.

Step 7: Make a Pit for Your Screw to Fit.

Find a bit the diameter of the head of your screw will fit. Drill in the middle of you hole until the head of you screw will lay flat with the plastic.

Step 8: Attaching Camera

Screw your camera to the block and place on pole.

Note: we had to use a few washers to hold the camera tightly to the block.

Step 9: Prepare to Film

You have now finished making your tripod use able I hope this helped have fun with filming easier now.

Note: sometime wheels may be loud.

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