How to Make a Light Post on the Cheap

Introduction: How to Make a Light Post on the Cheap

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It gets dark where I live, and we were the only people on the street without a light post, so using my knowledge in constructing electrical items, I built one without spending a dime. But how? some ask well in this instructable I'll show you using these simple supplies that you might have lying around the house > one flagpole, a tuna can, a olive jar, a roll of tape, some rocks/concrete, a plastic circle, gorilla glue, a old light socket, about a miles worth of insulated wire, Any color spray paint, and an old aquarium timer. As for tools I used a screwdriver,A Sharpie, and needle nose pliers.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies and Preparation Work

now gather all your supplies Be sure your jar and can are clean. Now take your flag pole and tuna can and mark it in the center with the sharpie, Take your screw driver and poke a hole in the center where you marked. Take the needle nose pliers and bend the metal of the can until you peeled back to your marking. Now take the light socket and attach the insulated wire to it (be sure the negative and positive are marked correctly).

Step 2: Bonding & More

Take your wire and push it through the can making sure the can is placed upright where it is open, now push the can through the pole and take your pliers and tighten the metal around it, now take your gorilla glue and bond the can to the pole and tape it tightly so it wont slip, wait 24-48 hours for the glue to fully dry. Now take your olive jar and glue the plastic circle to the top, I made my circle into more of a cone by cutting it to the center than bending it taping  in a cone shape and gluing the plastic together.

Step 3: Painting

take your spray paint and paint the pole the color of your choice I chose black as it matched the house and gives it a nice decent look in the day (please spray in a well ventilated area). after the first coat dries (a few hours) give it a second coat and let it dry fully before moving your pole.

Step 4: Install and Be Proud of the Finished Product

Get a shovel and dig a hole about 4ft down, than dig a little trench for your wire. Now take your pole and put it in the hole take your concrete and dump it around the pole. put some stands on the pole to keep it up while you wait for the concrete to set. When the concrete sets take your stones and decorate around the pole, now just put a light bulb in (I used a normal CFL) and put the jar into the can, to ensure a long life you should take silicone sealant and put it around where the jar and can meet to waterproof it (should be waterproof enough if the can and jar are perfect). Take your wire and put it in the trench leading to a socket (mine is in the garage) and when you find you can plug it in take the dirt that you dug for the trench and put it back burying the wire, grass seeds help fix your yard back up after you dug it up so much....WARNING Always call your local Gas, Electric, & Water companies or call your local call to dig, to mark where dangerous wires and pipes are so you don't hit them and endanger both you and your public.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    How about some pictures of the light pole you made, rather than googled stock images?