Introduction: How to Make a Magnetic Ram Money Clip

In this instructable I will show you how to make a magnetic money clip using an old stick of ram.
(P.S. it's my first instructable so go easy. Thanks)

Step 1: Supplys

You will need:

Rigid wire (like bailing wire)

An old stick of ram, or new if you prefer

4 super magnets from hobby lobby (see pic)

epoxy/JB weld (your choice)

solder (optional)


needle nose pliers

soldering iron (optional)

small hand saw.

small drill and drill bit

Step 2: Destroy the Ram!

first you need to cut the ram in half (see pic)

the ram is pretty easy to cut through so you shouldn't have any trouble.

Step 3: Magnet Time

now take two of the magnets and stick them together. Put a dab of JB weld on one of them and place it near the end of one of the pieces of ram (see pic). Do the same for the other set of Magnets except put them on the other end. Now put another dab of JB Weld on the other end of the magnets. Then place the other half of the ram on to them (be sure to line them up).

Step 4: Drill Time

OK now it's time to break out the drill, take and drill two holes in the end of each piece of ram (see pic). Try to make sure they line up it's ok if they don't but it works better if they do.

Step 5: The Final Step

Now take the wire and cut a small piece of it take and stick it through two of the holes bending the ends together to make a ring. Do this for each set of holes.

(optional) After I made my ring I went ahead and soldered the two ends together so they wouldn't come apart.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Add some money and make your friends jealous! ;)

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