Introduction: How to Make a Match Grenade

Please don't judge this Instructable harshly, for this is my first Instructable.

This match grenade is a like a ground impact grenade. When you throw it at a wall or up into the air, it will blow up. This Instructable takes about 10 min. to make. I'm not responsible for any damage it does to you.

(Sorry about the blurry pics)


This is dangerous if you aren't careful. This CAN blow your face off or start a fire if you don't use it right.

Please be careful. Thank you!

Step 1: Materials


Electrical Tape
About 6 match books (use more for a bigger one)


Careful Hands
Gloves (optional)
Safety Glasses

Step 2: Removing

Put on your safety glasses just to be safe. Take the match books off of the matches without ripping the match book. Do NOT dispose of the matchbooks OR the matches. You will be needing them.

Step 3: Cut Match Heads

Cut the match heads off. Try not to have the cardboard on match heads when you cut it. Dispose of the cardboard from the match heads.

Step 4: Cutting Slips

Cut the slips from the matchbooks. Keeping the slips as straight and as big as possible, try to keep the match book colors out of the slips. (The slips are the igniter on the back of the matchbooks). Once slips are cut, dispose match books.

Step 5: Taping It Together

Cut electrical tape at a length of about 3-4 inches. Then cut another piece of tape at the same length. Place the pieces on top of each other on the long side. One should be about one forth of the way to the other end. (See in pictures). Lay slips side by side on the tape. Try to have no gaps in between the slips. Turn the tape over and cut excess slip. Keep excess slip.

Step 6: Rolling It Up

Roll up the tape and wrap excess tape on the tape to where it make a hexagon shaped opening on both ends. Cut a 3 inch piece of tape and place 2 or 3 excess slips you saved in the middle of the tape. Then put it around one end of the hexagon tightly.

Step 7: Filling It Up (Dangerous Part)

Fill up the hexagon and set it down. Put on your gloves. Take a few more match heads and push it in slowly and carefully. Then take more until you can't do that anymore. Drop a few match heads on top of the hexagon and set it down. Take 2-3 more excess slip and take a 3 in. tape. Put the slips on the middle and tightly wrap the tape on the open end of the hexagon. This is where you start to wrap as tightly as you can with the tape and seal any holes as tight as possible. Using too much tape may result in fire, so don't use too much.

Step 8: Throw It

Throw it at something hard, but remember, it won't work if it isn't tight enough. Enjoy! :)

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