Introduction: How to Make a Messy Bun

Hey everyone! Messy bun is a very nice and easy hairstyle.Just grab some bobby pins and hair spray.So lets make a messy bun!

Step 1: Brush Your Hairs

Brush your hairs.Make sure that they are tangle free.Spraying a little bit of water is not that bad.....

Step 2: Make a Ponytail

Make a very high ponytail.If your hairs are till shoulders,then bobby pin some hairs at the back so that the hairs will not come out.

Step 3: Make Braids

Divide your hair into four sections and braid them.Make sure that the braids are neat.

Step 4: Roll the Braids

Take one braid and roll it around the ponytail.Take a bobby pin and pin the braid.Do the same to the other braid and make sure that the bobby pins are small and hidden.

Step 5: Tadaaaa!!!!

Spray a little bit of water when you are finished.And you are ready!

So I hope that you guys liked this tutorial and please comment down below so I can know how you liked/hated :P the tutorial. xD.

So bye bye!