Introduction: How to Make a Mini Alcohol/pocket Stove

In this Instructable i will show you how to make a easy pocket or camping stove using household items it is quite simple and will only take about 15 mins.

Things You will need;
1 coke cans
sharp knife
small nail or thumb tack
Metholated spirts
scissors or tin snips
Ruler and a texta

Step 1: Step One

First you will need to use the ruler and the texta to mark out 3.5 cm around both the botom and top of the can as shown in the diagram.

Next you need to cut on the line to make two seprate parts both the top and bottom of the stove.

Now you need to make the inner layer of the stove this is the most important part of the construction, using the leftover part of can you need to mesure out 18cm lengh and 3.5 cm wide. then cut out the rectangle as shown.

Now you need to cut 3 tabs on the rectangle. then one joining tab on each end one the opisite way around as shown i the diagram. then put it together as shown.

Step 2: Step 2

Next you need to cut of the ringpool using a sharp knife as shown below

Next you need to put the jet holes on th top of youre stove to do this you will need a nail or pin. evenly space the jets about 1/2 a centemeter apart all the way around the lip of the lid.

Then we need to crimp the base using the twisting method as shown in the picture below.
Then we need to use the middle section wich we made earlier, put this in the top so that it fits tightly and make sure that the tabs are facing out not into the lid if that makes any sense

Step 3: The Final Step

The last step is to fit it all together this is the hardest part of the whole mini stove just follof the picture and slowly put the stove together the stove should fit together nice and tight a good strong friction fit will do. and there you have it i completed all of this in under 15 mins.

Step 4: Lighting Your Pocket Stove

In order to light your pocket stove all you have to do is pour about 2 tablespoon's of metholated spirits into the center of your stove  and light a match or a lighter to ignite the metho. The flame should be a blue colour, after about 2 mins the jets should start to light up this is caused by the build up of temp in the can stove. Once this process has completed you are free to put a cup of water, a can of soup or anything else on the top of your stove.

Thankyou and if you have any questions feel free to ask and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE and comment.

I will be putting a video on how to light your mini stove as soon as i get a better video camera.