Introduction: How to Make a Mini Slingshot

I am going to show you how to make a pocket sized slingshot for shooting small rocks, wads of paper, or airsoft pellets. Depending on what rubber bands you use, use caution when shooting people's eyes. Or dont, because hey, what are they gonna do? You're the one with the slingshot >:D

Step 1: Tools / Supplies

Hedge clippers/ or saw = to cut the stick

Thick rubber band = to shoot

Two regular rubberbands = to hold the shooting band onto the stick

Knife = to cut off bark and to cut the thick rubber band.

Sand paper= optional. To sand the stick

Step 2: Picking the Stick

When picking the stick, this is very important; Cut  the stick off of a tree instead of using a stick on the ground. Those are dry and break easily. You will know you have a good stick when there is some green underneath the bark. Make sure the stick is strong and has no cracks in it.

Cut  the Y shaped stick, and clip it down to your liking. Just remember that the top has to be wide enough for projectiles to easily fly through.

Step 3: Cutting the Bark

Use the pocket knife to cut off the bark. If you are skinning a stick that was fresh from a tree, there might be sap or other sticky stuff. This happened to me and then my knife wasn't cutting as well. It is easily cleaned off with water and a sponge or rag. Also, cut off any notches or abnormalities on the stick, like bumps and stuff. When your done skinning the stick you can use the sand paper.

Step 4: Securing the Rubber Band

Cut the big rubber band so that it is just one long piece. Take each end of it and hang it about 2 thirds of an inch over the stick. Then put one rubber band on each side and keep layering it until it is really tight and the strong rubberband doesn't come off.

Make sure the big rubber band is facing the same way and is not twisted, or else when you shoot stuff it wont go straight. (Make it look like the second picture.)

Step 5: Finish

And now you are done. Release your inner Bart Simpson and go wild, with your new, awesome, mini slingshot!