Introduction: How to Make a Mini Spud Gun From a Fish Food Container!!!

Hi Im going to show you how to make a mini spud gun from an empty fish food container and some pvc pipe.

This spud gun is fun because it is very powerful for its size and you cant break things like you would with a big one. Hope this helps!! Enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you will need:

# Drill
# caulking gun
# Saw

#Empty fish food container
#pvc pipe.
#Electronic light lighter 

Step 2:

Cut a piece of pvc pipe at 250 mm.
Once this is done get your fish food container and drill a hole in the BOTTOM.Not in the side with the lid.Make sure that the hole is as bit smaller than the pipe as is needs to be a tight fit.

Step 3:

Now you have to push the pipe into the bottom of the container and silicone it into place.This makes sure there will be a good seal. And now you wait!! It takes about 24 hours to dry.

Step 4: Its Almost Done !!!

Now all there is to do is put in the ignitor. I use one out of a cheep electronic lighter.This is someones video on how to get it out of the lighter and its quite helpful.

Drill a hole anywhere you wish to have the ignitor on the fish food container. ( the hole has to be big enough for the metal part of the ignitor to fit tightly.) Right beside it push a thumbtack in and wrap the wire around it.

Step 5: FIRE!!

And its finished. Just  cut a potato in half  and push the barrel onto the potato. Once it is inside the barrel push it down with a pen or dowel. Now just spray something like lynx or hair spray and quickly screw the end on. Take aim and press down the ignitor. I will put up a video later so you can see how powerful mine turned out. Thanks for reading and have fun!!. O yer and please don't shoot at people or animals or expensive stuff !!

Please feel free to ask questions and stuff.