Introduction: How to Make a Mini Stove (penny Stove)

This instructable will teach you how to make a very nice but simple and cheap mini stove or as some people call it penny stove as you can see the blue flames that means it is as effecient as it can be .

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials you will need for this experiment

Denatured alcohol (found at your local hardware store)
A piece of wood
Sand paper (optional)
Thumb tack
2 empty aluminum cans (I used beer cans)
A flat surface
Fiberglass or better known as insulation

Step 2: Score (partially Cut) the Bottles

put the knife on your piece of wood and on the side of the blade make the side of the can touch the knife then turn the can at least 1 turn around with slight pressure against the knife.

Step 3: Cut the Cans With the Scissors

Take your scissors and stick them through your can above the score line you made earlier with your knife and angle them downwards and cut on the score line you made on your can.

Step 4: Cut a Notch in the Can

cut a notch in the bottom of the can you just cut out make it about half way down and 1 fourth of an inch wide and just bend it down into the inside of the can.

Step 5: Put the Fiber Glass (insulation) Inside the Part With the Notch

take a small amount of fiber glass or better known as insulation and fill up the part that you cut out that has a notch in it.

Step 6: Put It Together

Put the part without the fiberglass in it over the other piece make shure it fits snug because you wont be needing to take it apart thanks to the holes we are about to put in the middle.

Step 7: Poke Some Holes in It

Take your thumbtack and put 4 wholes in the bottom of the indent on the top ( the second part you put on to put it together).

Step 8: Now Put Some More Holes in It

Now poke 8 holes on the top as seen in the picture below.

Step 9: Fuel It Up!

Just put some of your denatured alcohol and fill up the indent two times for the first use to let the fiberglass soak it up for all other uses just fill it up once also throw some on the ground to light so it heats it up or else it wont work because you need to make the alcohol gasses expand inside to come out the holes to get oxygen for those of you who are wondering why so just remember use common sense and be careful ,enjoy!