How to Make a Minnie Mouse Out of Polymer Clay




Introduction: How to Make a Minnie Mouse Out of Polymer Clay

I thought Minnie mouse would be a good idea to show friends how to make because it is really easy and fun.

Materials you need :

  • Red sparkly clay polymer clay ( or red clay )
  • Black polymer clay
  • Flesh polymer clay
  • Yellow polymer clay
  • White polymer clay
  • White paint

Step 1: Making the Body

First to make the body you take some red clay and start shaping a cone with a flat top. You want to make sure it's nice and smooth . This will be the dress for minnie mouse.

Step 2: Making the Head

To make the head first you want to make a oval shape with black clay. Then next, you want to take a gold pin and put some translucent liquid sculpey on one end of the gold pin . Stick the gold pin into the body stick the other end of it into the head . The gold pin makes sure it stays in place.

Step 3: Making the Ears and Face

Before we get to the face we're going start with the ears. For the ears take 2 balls of black clay and press them onto the head . For the face flatten a ball of flesh colored clay and cut out the shape above . Stick this shape onto the head.

Step 4: Making the Bow

For making the bow, make a rounded triangle shape. Make 2 of these. Then stick it on to the head and give it support against the ears.

Step 5: How to Make the Details of the Face

First, for the eyes take two tiny balls of black clay and flatten them onto the face. And in the corner of the eye put a tiny white speck of clay. For the nose, make a small oval shape and flatten it on to the head.

Step 6: Making the Shoes

To make the shoes, make a elongated version of the rounded triangle in yellow clay. Make 2 of these. Stick them on to the bottom of the body.

Step 7: The Arms, Hands and Smile

To make the arms, roll a snake in black clay (about 2 inches) and cut in half. Stick each one to the body and wrap the arms around the shoes. For the hands, add a tiny white dot to the edge of the end of the arms. For the smile, roll a thin snake about 1 cm. Curve it and stick it on the face.

There you have your beautiful and cute polymer clay Minnie Mouse!

Step 8: Finally Bake Your Minnie

Bake your Minnie in the conventional oven 275 degree F for 15 minutes or as directed on your polymer clay package.

Let it cool and then paint the dots on the Bow and her dress.

Step 9:

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