Introduction: How to Make a Musical Moneybox

About: We are two technician brothers who like to make electronics and mechanical gadgets at home.
This is a musical moneybox project, we have used a blank teddy bear shaped shampoo box for case and we were inspired by this project  and this is doorbell version

Step 1: Schematic and Soldering

This schematic is includes an audio amplifier and a low pass filter for blinking leds. Money tunnel is made from prototyping board pieces and its covered with aluminum tape. When you put a coin into the tunnel money makes a short circuit between aliminum tapes and its reseting to the Attiny85, after reset Attiny85 is plays a random file and goes to the sleep mode, if you dont think to the use moneybox for a long time then you must turn off to the switch for power saving. We have used USBasp programmer for burning to the firmwire. you can find to firmware here

Step 2: Casing

we had to cut of head side for inserting to the speaker and money tunnel, we have used hot melt glue for attaching to the components inside of the head. Batteries are located below, and we used a quick adhesive for final packing.