How to Make a Ninjato




Introduction: How to Make a Ninjato

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a ninjato, This ninjato will also extend to become a bo-staff with a sword at the end. If you are 12 under you should make this with adult supervision. And also do not forget to wear safety goggles while sharpening and filing.

Step 1: Items & Supplies

What you are going to need is one 3/4 wide by 3' long piece of metal you can pick this up at ace for $5.00. 3/4 PVC pipe which you can get at home depot for about $2.00. Electrical tape I get mine from the dollar store. One 3/4 PVC pipe end cap. Two bamboo garden stakes the little green ones which you can also get at the dollar store. A rod of some sort You can find one that will fit snugly in your PVC pipe or a piece that is a little to big to fit in your PVC pipe. And two 3/4" PVC couplers (extenders). I will show the pictures in the next step.

Step 2: Building It

Now we are going to start building it you want to cut the metal slab down to about 2' You can make it longer if you want. And then cut one of the ends at a 45 degree angle, that gives it the look of a katana. And then mark about 6" from the end you didn't cut because that is going to be your tang. When you marked that spot dremel a small notch at that mark. You are finished with your blade. Now take your 2 bamboo sticks you have to find 2 somewhat thick but not to thick ones and cut 4 pieces each one 6" long. After that electrical tape them to your tang one end should be at the bottom of the tang and the other one should be at the notch you made.

Next cut out about an 8" piece of PVC pipe, then take one of your couplers and push it as far as you can on the 8" piece of pipe. When you finish that take your blade with the bamboo pieces on it and shove it in the PVC pipe on the side with the coupler on it, You just want to go to the notch on your blade.

Next cut a 3'-4' piece of PVC pipe out depending on how tall you are. Next take your rod and cut it down to about 4"-6" depending on how long you want it. Next stuff it into one end of your longer piece of PVC pipe You may have o do some carving and filing to get it to fit. when you are done with that make the rod come to a point (so you can use it as a spear when your sword is in the scabbard).

Next take your other coupler and put it on the other end of the handle. And then cut a small piece of PVC pipe about 1' and ram it as far as you can into your end cap. You should have about 1/2 left sticking out the end of your end cap. You can put that in your coupler and then hide a letter or something in the end of the handle.

If you want to extend your sword just take the end cap off the coupler on the handle flip it around and attach it to your scabbard. and when you put your sword in the scabbard don't push it down to hard because it will lock in place on the scabbard and it will be hard to take out the sword.

After that all you need to do is cover it in electrical tape and you are done. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to comment and rate.

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    Tip 3 years ago on Step 2

    First off, the following includes steps on how to make a functional hand guard for the Ninjato blade, though the design will use a more european style of guard simply because I feel it's the simpler the make for a design like this. Also, I'd suggest using either super glue or hot glue for the following if you don't want to use bamboo. It'll help ensure the wood stays nice and sturdy for a more durable grip. Lastly, the following additions will likely increase how long it'll take to complete the sword part, but the end result should have a fairly sturdier grip than before. No disrespect to the original creator, this is just how I would improve on his work.

    You could also use a piece of wood the same width as the metal bar instead of the bamboo pieces and cut that into the appropriately sized pieces you'll need for your grip.

    Here's how you can make a removable hand guard if you're only making the sword part. First, you'll need a board about half the width of the metal bar you use for your blade. Next, you cut 2 segments of about 1 foot each off from the board for the actual guard part. Then you take the blade and the guard, and essentially put it together like a puzzle, being sure to glue each piece of wood on and letting the glue dry as you go. Finally, take the last of the remaining wood and measure out a tiny piece to fit between the guard boards and cut those off. Fit those pieces between the boards of the guard, making sure to apply glue before fitting each piece in and VOILA! You have a functional, although more European style than Japanese, hand guard for your sword.

    And if you don't care about removing the guard, just be sure to glue the main center pieces onto the metal, and then after the glue dries, wrap it up in the same electric tape as the guard.


    3 years ago

    I might try the steps for just the blade part for my own Ninjato sword. I'll be sure to follow up this with any additions I might try later. Anyway, thanks! This is actually WAY simpler than what I was thinking for a prop sword build.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    ive made one before i read this my blade cant be removed and one because if u swing it the blade will fly out and could hit something that u dont wont to other than that cool weapon


    11 years ago on Introduction

    just saying, the bo staff with a sword on the end is called a Naginata