Introduction: How to Make a Number and Letter Password Creator

Hello and welcome to my new Instructable, I was looking for a Batch file that was a letter password creator but found nothing so I made my own that creates letters and numbers and puts the passwords in to a file called File.txt.

Step 1: Make a New TXT File

Make a new .txt file and change the extension to .bat and change the name to Password Creator, the name does not matter. If you don't know how to change the extension i will show you the way to save it properly at the end!

Step 2: The Code

If you have a .bat file Right click the icon and press edit, if you still have a txt file open it.
Enter the code for download
Sorry the code was to big to fit on this Instructable.

Step 3: Save

If you changed the file extension at the start press save and exit
If you did not changed the file extension at the start press File Save as and name it name.bat the name does not matter but the .bat does.

Step 4: Open

You are done! Open the batch file and you will see numbers on the screen, every time the number gets 1 added to it one hundred passwords have been made in File.