Introduction: Make a Cheap Pair of Glasses With a Magnifier Loupe Lens

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Take a pair of 3D glasses (If you watch 3D films/movies you probably have a lot of them at home).

Take the measurement of the height of lens (in the middle of the frame).

It should be around 36mm.

Step 1: Removing the 3D Lens From the Frame

It should take 3 sec. Just pop the lens out of the frame.

Step 2: Removing the Holder From the Loupe Lens

Even this operation should take no more than 3sec.

Step 3: Using a File Make 2 Notches Exactly in the Middle of the Frame

Take a rounded file and create 2 notches in the frame of the glasses.

Step 4: Position the Loupe Lens And... You Have Your Magnifying Glasses for £3