Introduction: How to Make a Paper Hornet Bow

Most people would post an Instructable on how to make a hornet crossbow (although I haven't seen any on here, i made one, it was so so). But, I've found that my bow is more effective with hornets than a crossbow, just because of the way I can control the speed and direction better. Thus, this is the Instructable for that. Also, I'm sorry, but i do not have the materials to make another bow, so I will have to show you how to make one with pictures of the finished version.

Step 1: Materials

6 normal sized rubber bands

12 bamboo skewers

Duct tape (has to be duct tape!!! scotch tape is weaksauce)

Step 2: The Limbs

Grab 6 skewers and tape them on both ends and the middle. If you don't like the points, cut them off. The type of scissors for stripping wires work very well to cut off the points. Do this twice. Then, tape them together and overlay a bit, and tape them at a good angle. If you don't do this at an angle, the bow won't work. The middle of the bowstring should be a few inches away from the spot where the 2 limbs overlap.

Step 3: Stringing the Bow

Watch the video for making the string and attachment etc.

Step 4: FIRE!!

You are now done! Now, you need to know the correct way to hold the bow. Hold it like you would a normal bow, but sideways. If you're holding it with your left hand, have the bow curve to the right. If you're holding it with your right hand, have it curve to the left. Look at the picture if this isn't completely clear to you. Then, just put a hornet in the middle, pull back, and fire! Experiment a bit with it, to see how it works, and how to release the hornet properly. This is like shooting a bow, but a bit harder. The bow will tend to shake a bit with a loose grip, so grip it sturdy. Keep practicing!

Step 5: Extras

I also want to show you my super-hornets, and how to make them. Just click thru the pictures to see. I've dented cardboard with these things!