Introduction: How to Make a Photo & Note Holder From Cardboard

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This is made completely from thin cardboard (non- corrugated) and glue.  I love that it can be placed in the recycling when I no longer want it.  Since I made mine from cereal boxes and other food packaging boxes that I normally would have recycled I'm getting another use from them before that happens.

Step 1: Gather Materials

use thin cardboard from cereal boxes, tissue boxes, or other food boxes 
use white craft/school glue
paper clips
small paper punch
small craft knife
other scrap paper for notes

Step 2: Cut Strips

cut 2 pieces of cardboard into strips that are the same length and width 

Step 3: Fold Strips and Glue Together

fold the tops of the strips in by just over and inch
fold the bottoms out by about an inch

glue and place them together with the top folds facing together (don't glue all the way to the top, leave the folded in parts unglued, this is where you will hold the photos or notes)

paper clip them while they dry

Step 4: Cut Square Base Pieces and Place Holder Onto the Base

cut about 8 matching squares (or other shape you'd like) about 4 inches by 4 inches, you need about 8 to help hold the weight of photos and or notes

punch 2 small holes in only one of the base pieces punch the holes the width of the strips you made and use the craft knife to finish off the slot

slide the glued strips through the slot (enter the bottoms of the strip into the slot) 

glue the bottoms of the strips to the bottom of the top base piece and paper clip it or weight it down as it dries 

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-4 Adding More Holders

repeat steps 2-4 

cut more strips what ever length and glue together 

cut more slits in the base piece and space them out how you'd like*

*(if the paper punch doesn't reach as far as you'd like just use the craft knife to make the slots)

let dry with the paper clips still attached

Step 6: Glue Base Pieces Together

glue each of the base pieces together, glue the top with the holders on last

paper clip the bottom base together while it dries (clothes pins would work well for that too if you have those)

Step 7: Now Use for Notes and Pictures

once it's dry place some notes or photos in the holders

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