Introduction: How to Make a Portable Bluetooth Boombox

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This will be a tutorial on how I built my Bluetooth boombox, This does not have to be as complicated as my boombox, or if you are advanced i electronics, you can make it better than mine. It is pretty easy to build, you just have to know basic soldering.

Step 1: Bluetooth First

sorry forgot to add this step. when you take apart you USB module it will look like this. solder wires to the positive and negative terminals like in the picture, then solder or plug in a audio cable to the audio jack. That goes to the amplifier.

Step 2: What You Need?

You will need

one 12 volt regulator

one heat sink for 12 volt regulator

one 5 volt regulator

one PCB

one 12 volt step down transformer 1.2 amp at least

one cheap USB Bluetooth adapter

one switch

one led and resistor

speakers of any kind

amplifier/ I used a 15x2 watt tripath amplifier



Ground loop isolater (optional)

Step 3: The Box

The box does not have to be like mine but, the dimensions are 16 1/2 inches long, 8 1/8 inches high, and 8 3/4 inches deep.

Step 4: Solder Em Up

The electronics are very easy to solder. The ac/dc transformer circuit, make a rectifier or buy one, then put a 2000 uf capacitor parallel to the rectifier's output, then use the 12 volt regulator with a heat sink or it will destroy the regulator, lastly on the 12 volt output, make wires that go to the circuit with the led, and 12 volts to the amplifier. Then the circuit with the LED, this circuit will give 5 volts to the Bluetooth module board, get your 5 volt regulator, and solder the wires with a led and resistor on the output for notification. Use the picture that shows which boards are connected to which.

Step 5: Glue Speakers and Circuit Boards In

Now to put all your circuit boards into the box. hot glue or superglue your circuit boards to the walls of the box and wire amplifier and circuit boards. test to see if it works if it dosent, talk to me about the problem and i should be able to fix it.

Step 6: What I Would Do With the Zing Laser System

Instructables, I would do many things with the laser cutter, like cut balsa wood for my RC hovercraft, cut plastics to make houses and such for gifts and the elderly. thanks Instructables for Instructables app. If it was not for this, then I could not have helped thousands of people like on my old account

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