Introduction: How to Make a Portable Stacraft Flashdrive

All you need:
A flashdrive devoted to this
And a computer

PLEASE COMMENT! this is my 2nd instructable. I need tips and ideas!

Step 1:

Obtain a copy of starcraft.
Just buy and install, or get a iso.
make sure it is updated or it wont work without a cd.

Step 2:

copy the insides of the STARCRAFT directory. paste it on the root of your flashdrive.

Step 3:

now, to make the autorun.

just simply copy the text below and save it as Autorun.inf (put in root of flashdrive)

Action=Press "OK" to start StarCraft Portable.

Step 4:

Now that you have that done you can hide the files (optional)

just go into properties and click hidden

Step 5:

YAY! you are now done!

When you plug in your flash drive, it will show an autoplay window asking you if you want to play STARCRAFT.