Introduction: How to Make a Pretty Round Box

Yes, it will be pretty round. How round? That depends on your scissors skills!

What you'll need:

-strong paper
-crayons, colour pencils, etc. (and fixing spray)
-a cutter
-a compass
-a ruler
-blunt scissors or a blunt knife

Step 1: Cut & Decorate

First, you need to cut out a circle which will be the bottom of your box. Cut along the line drawn by the compass as neatly as you can, otherwise your box won't be very round!
Then, draw a rectangle which will be the "body" of the box. Decorate it as you like.

You can choose their sizes as you wish, just remember:

-The width of the rectangle will be the height of the box.
-The length of the rectangle needs to fit around the circle (multiply the diameter of the circle by pi !)and you need at least 2 cm extra to glue it.
-BEFORE cutting out the rectangle: make sure to leave an extra cm on one length.

Step 2: Prepare the Folding

Once you decorated the rectangle, place a ruler on the line between its length and the extra cm. Go over this line, along the ruler, with blunt scissors or a blunt knife. This will help you fold along the line later on.

Step 3: Cut It...

Next, cut the extra cm into little pieces with a cutter. Cut about every 0.5 cm, to make sure that the paper can still make a nice circle.

Once that's done, fold all the little pieces along the line you just traced with your blunt knife or scissors. Fold them towards the side that's not decorated.

Step 4: Glue It...

Make the "body" of the box by gluing the rectangle to make a cylinder. Make sure the circle you cut out earlier fits exactly inside the cylinder. Keep the cylinder in place with clothespins while the glue dries.

Next, put glue on the inside of the little bits of paper that you cut with the cutter. Put the circle inside the cylinder and fold the little bits of paper onto it. Your box now has a bottom.

While the glue dries, put a cup in the box and place loads of dictionaries on top.

If you want, you can glue another circle of paper onto the underside of the box, so that the glued pieces of paper don't show.

Step 5: And Repeat

Now it's time to make the cover of the box.

Again, you need a circle and a rectangle. The circle should be just a bit larger than the box itself, as the cover needs to slide over the box. You don't need to decorate it as it will be inside the cover. You can decorate the rectangle, but I chose to leave it black.

BEFORE cutting out the rectangle, make sure to leave an extra cm on the length. Then repeat the same procedure you did before.

Next, cut out another circle and decorate it. This one goes on top of the cover. (get out your dictionaries again! )

That's it! Now you've got yourself a beautiful, pretty round box.