Introduction: How to Make a Product?

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The idea

I want to take you on the journey of making a product. In this video blog style presentation i will show you how I develop and idea of Portable Arduino based development board to a final product. This is a working project so i will update this instructable as i go along, so add it to your favorites and see how the idea get shaped to the product.

It will start with me planing the project on Trello and you can see a live board link here

Portable Arduino Trello Board

Were you can comment and share ideas and improvements.

PCB will be designed using Altium Free Circuit Maker software you can download HERE then go to Open project , click on tags and search from Portaduino and you should find it.

Past Kickstarter projects

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Step 1: Step1 : Making a Feature List

First I start by making a feature list of my project. I have already thought about the things I wanted in the board so its a shot video, the other will be a lot longer and will go into more detail.

Check out the list and comment

Also watch the video.