Introduction: How to Make a Pvc Pipe Letter

Im am going to show you how to make the letters N and P out of pvc pipe.

Step 1: Gather Materials

First you have to gather all materials you need  3in and 5in pvc pipe, pvc connectors, a ruler, and  a pipe cutter 

Step 2: Measure Pipe for Letter P

Next you want to get your ruler and measure 3in for the pvc pipe 

Step 3: Measure Pipe for Letter N

Then you want to measure out 5in for the letter N

Step 4: Cut the Pipe

After you got your measurements for each letter cut out the correct length for you pvc pipe.

Step 5: Building Your Letter P

After you have cut out the lengths of your begin to build the letter P by taking the pvc pipe and inserting it into the the T connecter then adding the rest into 90 degree connecters.

Step 6: Building Letter N

To build the letter N take you 5in pvc pipe and insert it into the 90 degree connecter.

Step 7: Final Product

You are now finished with you letter and have your final product