Introduction: How to Make a Quick Candy Wrapper Corsage

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My friend wanted to throw a elaborate 80's candy themed prom.. I decided to make a candy wrapper corsage for my date to fix my art craving while making it a bit more personal.. time to go big or stay home!


- Ribbon (funky bright color is better.. or match it to the girl’s dress”

-3 or 4 large tootsie candy wrappers of different colors (red for roses, etc)

-candy that has green wrapper (for leaves).. I used some sour skittles wrappers


- some type of card ( i used an old shopping perks card)

- random candy (i used flower lollipops)

-Random bright things (i used silver twist ties)


-Hot Glue

Step 1: Bow

  1. First, take your ribbon, and fold it over and over again. Maybe about 3-3.5 inches depending how wide you want it.
  2. Secure the ribbon in the middle with a wire
  3. Spread out each side of the ribbon so that it kinda looks like a bow tie.

Step 2: Flowers

  1. Next, take your tootsie wrappers, and start cutting a counter clockwise spiral (pic 1 and 2)
  2. Now, depending how you roll it, the color will either be on the outside or inside of the flower. (pic 3)
  3. Next, put some hot glue on the very bottom of the wrapper, and glue the folds in place.(pic 4)
  4. Fan out the "petals" of the flower
  5. I made 3 of them (candy flower is also included in pic) (pic 5)

Step 3: Leaves

take your green wrapper and cut out leaves.. If you want the leaves to be green on both sides, you can take your wrapper and glue 2 pieces together.. you will probably only need 2-3 leaves.

Step 4: Platform + Decorations

  1. now take your flat plastic card and bend it so it curves. i used a heat gun to give ti a good curve it around a wrist. (pic 1)
  1. This is where you can get creative. I had some spare silver twist ties laying around. I just curled them. I really think you could use whatever you wanted for details. Maybe some christmas string, pipe cleaners, kids crafts, etc.. (pic 2)

Step 5: Assembly

  1. Start gluing everything on top of the card. just arrange it so it suits your needs and looks nice.
  2. Add your elastic to the bottom of the card and there you go.
  3. it looks better on a girl’s arm than a dude's… just saying.
  4. If you want, you can spray the candy with a clear coat spray so it doesn't get sticky. Just remember not to eat it!

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