Introduction: How to Make a Quick, Easy and Fun Bamboo Chopstick Crossbow.

A nice little corssbow with 4 chopsticks, a clothespin, duct tape, a rubber band, and(for the bolt) a bamboo skewer and flights of any sort.

Step 1: Making the Basic Parts

First, line up the chopsticks in pairs and make a cross with them, as shown in the picture. Then tape them togethor.
(Sorry if pic is bad using built in webcam on new laptop)
(Highlighted is the cross part)

Step 2: Stringing Your Crossbow

Take your rubber band and attach it with some tape to each end of the crossbow.Then, make sure it's tight enough and make a knot(if you want a specific launch point) on yourrubber band where you think it is the middle. Done with stringing!

Step 3: Making the Launch Lever

Tape the clothespin about 4/5's of the bamboo stick that is the bottom of the T, and then make sure it is secure. Aslo make sure your rubber band can be held inside it's jaws. WallA! YOUR DONE! Have fun(DANGER) do not shoot at another person. IT WILL DRAW BLOOD

Step 4: Arrow

Get a bamboo skewer. Make sure it is sharp. add some paper,feather or any kind of flight onto it, nad make a notch at the end for your rubber band