How to Make a Reuseable Torch for Fire Breathing




Introduction: How to Make a Reuseable Torch for Fire Breathing

Warning Using a torch without proper safety is hazardous to yours and others heath as well as a fire concern. Please use responsibly and remember "Only you can prevent forest fires ~Smokey Bear"

Now here's what you are getting

Step 1: Getting Things Together

Here's What you need to make this:

1  Galvanized Steel pipe 1" x 12"
1  Steel 1" to 1/2" Reducer
1  Steel Galvanized Hex Bolt 1/2" x 3"
7  Cotton tube socks
1  Pair of sisscors
1  Bottle of Kerosine or Paraffin wax oil

Step 2: Cutting the Socks

1st you will want to lay the sock flat and cut off the neck strip making sure to get the frill as well and keeping a straight line as you cut (this is very important later on)

Next you want to cut the neck in half than again down the sides so you get 4 little squares

Keep doing this till you have 3" worth stacked tall

Step 3: Securing Your Fabric

Now that you have you squares take your scissors and poke a hole in the center of each square

Next you want to slide the square on the bolt till it's at the end

When stacking the fabric make sure they all match up and there is no criss-cross as this will cause oil to drip and make it burn faster

Once you have placed all your fabric on the bolt go ahead and screw on the reducer (don't glue in place as you want to reuse this)

Step 4: Finishing Up

2 last things now

1 attach the reducer to the pipe by hand or using slip joint pliers making sure not to tighten to much that you can't take it apart later
2 soak torch head in oil of choice then lite!


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Using tube socks is rather dangerous, especially with so much exposed edge. Most socks have some stretchy synthetic thread in them. Even if they are 100% cotton, cotton fails when repeatedly burned. Bits of charred cotton will get frayed and fall off your wick while still on fire.
    You are a lot safer with a wrapped wick, which doesn't have loose edges. You are also a lot safer with proper Kevlar wicking materials. Cotton will stand up to multiple burns, but you have to be careful and keep all the edges tucked.

    Other than that, have fun playing with fire!