Introduction: How to Make a Robot

So you want to know how to make a robot. Well I will show you what you need where you can get it and how to put it together. The type of system I will be showing you is a system that can be used for anything and has endless possibilities of what you can do with it. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Getting Started

The best system for starting out would be an Arduino. An Arduino is good for starting out for people that are just getting into the bobby and it's also good for people that have been making their robots from scratch by buying every single part individually. The Arduino is good because it is one mother board with everything you need to program already built in. All you need to do is get the parts you need to make the robot plug them in and upload the code and watch the robot perform its tasks. Don't worry if you don't know how to program because you can find a code for almost everything type of project online. You can find code from instructables or on the Arduino website or anywhere else online.

Step 2: Getting Your Arduino

You can get your Arduino from their website at:Arduino store

You can also get you Arduino from: icstation store

At you can also get all the parts it takes to make your robot move and give you information. From parts ranging from servos, ultrasonic sensors, LED's, temperature sensors, lcd screens and much more. Don't forget to get wires to link everything together. If you can't decide what you want your robot to do you can also get a kit the comes with a variety of different sensors and moving parts depending on witch one you get. So you can start out getting to know how robots and code work together.

Step 3: Arduino Projects

If you can't decide what to make here are some ideas ranging from making a servo move to making a finger recognition lock security system to a weather station, distance measurer with an ultrasonic sensor, autonomous car a flying quadcopter and much more. You can make almost anything you can think of and if you can't find anything cool just search Arduino projects.

Step 4: Building and Programing

Once you know what your going to build and you have your Arduino and your parts you can find how to wire them up properly and what code to upload to it on the Arduino website at: Arduino website. You can find example pictures above. I hope I helped you on where to start with building your robot. If you liked this and you want to see more stuff like this please Follow me at: austin2 profile Thanks.

The End