Introduction: How to Make a Saxophone Swab

 Before we start lets gather the following materials:
    Old T-shirt
    Ring of a key chain

Step 1: One

1) Place the old T-shirt on a flat surface (smooth out the wrinkles). Then place the book on top of the old T-shirt and trace the book with a pen.

Step 2: Two

2) Use the scissors to cut along the outlined area.

Step 3: Three

3) Set the scraps remaining from the old T-shirt aside (you won't be using them). Fold the square shaped fabric in half and cut two slits parallel to each other in the center.

Step 4: Four

4) Take the Lanyard and cut the end (the part that's merged together) off.

Step 5: Five

5) Cut a square at one end of the Lanyard.

Step 6: Six

6) Put the ring of the key chain on the end of the lanyard with the square cut.

Step 7: Seven

7) Weave the Lanyard through the parallel slits.

Step 8: Eight

8) Tie a knot at the end of the lanyard closest to the old T-shirt.