How to Make a Seed Starter From a Paper Roll

Introduction: How to Make a Seed Starter From a Paper Roll

Step 1: Measure Your Roll

Step 2: Mark Your Roll With a Pen

Step 3: Flatten Your Roll and Draw a Straight Line Across the Roll

Step 4: Cut Down the Line

Step 5: Cut 1/2 Inch Around the Bottom of the Roll Use the Creases As a Guide

Step 6: Fold the Flips Over Onto One Another

Step 7: Make Sure It Is a Tight Fit

Step 8: Place a Piece of Tape to Hold the Botton of the Seed Pack.

Step 9: Fill With Good Potting Soil and Plant Your Seed.

Step 10: Plant Anywhere in Pots Ground a Good Start for a Seed Make for a Healthy Plant.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    i just made this for my earlly spring seeding




    13 years ago on Introduction

    I started my veggie garden in 1/2 toilet paper tubes last year.  I found that if I take a 1/2 toilet paper tube, put damp soil in it (as is) then the soil clings to the tube once it's dry.  So it was simple: cut in half, put damp soil in, wait to dry, plant seed.  I had an impressive germination rate, too; very nice.

    When I planted them later, I planted them in the tube itself.  The roots had easy access to the ground through the open bottom of the tube.

    I also used leftover shipping boxes, cut down, to make "flats" for my starter seedlings.