Introduction: How to Make a Semi-spring Loaded Atari Game Wallet

So here's how to make a semi-spring loaded (well only kinda) Atari game cartridge wallet. I got the idea when my last playing card wallet kicked the bucket. My wallet can't really hold that much but you can easily mod it a bit to increase it's capacity.

Step 1: Materials

This wallet doesn't take much, but you should at least have:
-A small philips head screw driver
- A dremel tool or serrated blade
-Packing, duct or electric tape*
-A very strong glue*
-Atari game cartridge (note: I used a 2600 cartridge, you could probably use another model and just mod it a bit)

*These materials are used to make the money/card case. I only used tape but i think using a combination of fabric and glue my yield more durable results.

Step 2: 1. Opening the Case

There is a small philips screw in the middle of the front of the cartridge that needs to be unscrewed. You could either take off the front sticker or just puncture through the middle.

Then just pop open the case.

Step 3: 2. Clean It Out

You can toss the actual game, or use it to make a killer necklace or something, then use your dremel (ideal) or, like me, a steak knife to clean out the insides of the case except for certain parts (see pictures).
You have to clean out the piece that attaches to the spring (be careful, if you break this piece, you lose all potential spring capabilities unless you mod it a lot). Also widen out the slot on the main piece that comes out.
This all probably confusing so check out the pictures.

Step 4: 3. Make the Money Pocket

This step is pretty flexible. I made mine entirely out of tape but I'd suggest you make one out of fabric (in case you know how to sew). You want to use the width of the slot that you "largened" as the width of the pocket and use just over the length of a card as its length. Basically you just want to make the pocket as big as will fit in the case.
You can then attach your completed pocket to the slot piece.

Step 5: 4. Stuff It All Back In

Essentially just reassemble the cartridge as you took it apart . Reassembling the spring mechanism is especially tricky with the money pocket in the way but give it time and you'll get it.

Step 6: 5. Da Money's in Da Pocket

To use you're newly completed retro wallet, simply fold your money bills around any cards your carry and push them through the slot. To get out again, push down on the slot piece and your money and cards will pop out. When you pull out the cash, the slot piece will reset positions. Simple put your money back in and you're good to go.

To make sure nothing falls out, you should carry it around full.

Thanks for reading! This is my first instructable so please post comments and any improvement suggestions.