Introduction: How to Make a Shelve With a Stop Sign


Today we are going to make a unique shelve made with a "stop" sign.

The sign is too big to open the shelve like a classical door, so we will design a cool system of up and down opening system, all made in wood

Quicly :

Step 1 : Make the shelf structure

Step 2 : Make the opening system

Step 3 : Make the wall fixation system

Step 4 : Make the locking system

Step 5 : finishing touches

Step 1: Make the Shelf Structure

the "stop" sign is an octagon.

so let's Apply some basic math :

the sum of the angles is 360° so 360/8 = 45°

For angles 45 °, I have to cut my pieces of wood to 22.5 ° and a length of 33.5 centimeters.

I use my miter saw for a clean and clear cut.

Once the wood pieces are cut, I sand them quickly.

I check that the pieces fit together well, I glued them and I stand by the pieces together thanks to my tightening strap.

when everything is glued, I reinforce the structure by means of lugs folded stainless steel at 45 ° and screwed into the wood

Step 2: The Opening System.

My stop panel measures 83 cm, is too much for a conventional open system, so I thought of a sliding opening system: from bottom to top and top to bottom

I drill the pieces of the top and bottom to insert two wooden sticks that will serve as a guide for sliding the panel.

Meanwhile I realize the wooden part to be fastened to the panel and which will slide with it.

To fix the wooden rods to the octagonal structure, I drill the structure and rod and I sink to the hammer a smaller rod. Then I use my multi-tool for cutting flush the pieces which exceed.

I use chopsticks 22 millimeter diameter. The octogon is drilled at 22 BUT the part secured to the panel is drilled 23 or 24 to facilitate sliding and have an opening and a closure easier.

I add an handle made with aluminium to ease the closure on the top of the sign.

Step 3: The Wall Fixation

To attach to the wall shelf one must understand in what sense will apply force.

The weight of the shelf is applied to the bottom, we must find a simple fixing sytem which prevents the shelf from falling and, in case of, tipping forward

I recovers a cleat then I cut lengthwise at an angle of 20 ° or 30 ° you can also cut it to 45 °.

I do not have a table saw, so I fixed the cleat on my work plan with a clamp and I cut it with a circular saw.

One part is glued and nailed on the structure when the other part is screwed on a wall.

Step 4: How to Close the Shelf

To hold the panel in place when the shelf is closed, I turn a wooden pin on my lathe.

The pin is stuck under the shelf, and a simple locket that can turn just prevent the panel from falling.

I added a washer made of MDF to make up the gap between the panel and the shelf.

Step 5: Finishing Touch and Improvements

To facilitate the sliding of wood against wood I use paraffin. I heated and I apply it with a cloth.

For the realization of this shelf, I used reclaimed wood ( so i was limited into the size of the wood).

To improve and optimize storage in the shelf, we can and we must use more wood in width.

With the larger wood, the shelf will be deeper and we will have more storage space.

We can also add intermediate shelves, glass ranges, bottles wedges, depending on the function that we want to give to our shelf.

The shelf can host dangerous products from the house, the sign "stop" will deter children from going in.

The shelf can find its place in a man cave for storing a service wiski;)

If the shelf is deeper, it can easily store few books, comics or manga

once the shelves are attached to the structure we can close it.
the back of the shelf is closed thanks to a medium thickness of 3 mm tip Glued and nailed. Once everything is dry, the edges are cut and sanded for a nice finish.

Step 6: The Final Product

So here a quick video of the final product.

Hop you enjoy the shelf.

One more thing : I apologize for my bad english, i've tried to do my best to give you clear explication i think the pictures will help to understand all steps.

Thanks for reading and in case of thanks for voting :3

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