Introduction: How to Make a Simple and Stylish Desktop Fan Out of Trash

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In this instructable I'll show you how I made a working stylish desktop fan out of recycled electronic trash that I found on the street.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here is the list of materials I used:
1 small AC fan
1 circuit board big enough to support the weight of the fan
1 long cooling sink
1 old LCD
Some AA batteries
1 toggle switch
2 old computer memory cards
some old ICs and a little transformer.

hot glue gun
black electrical tape
soldering iron and solder.

Step 2: A Little History.

This working sculpture is made out of trash that I found on the street next to garbage cans.
The fan comes from a little broken fan I found on the street.
Everything else except the switch, the wires, and the tools come from trash too, so I guess you could call it recycling.

Step 3: Hot Glue the Pices Together

First hot glue the cooling sink to the main circuit board.
Then glue the fan on top of the cooling sink.
After that glue the memory cards to the sides of the cooling sink to give it an electric look.
It's time to install the switch... Fortunately enough my circuit board had a hole exactly the perfect size for the switch to fit.
Now you may notice that the fan is too heavy and will tip over the whole thing, so glue some AA batteries on the bottom of the circuit board.
I went on a little bit further with the design so I glued some electronic components such as a transformer, a transistor... I also hot glued a LCD screen on the cooling sink and wrote on it EM(Electric Motif),
 After that I covered the top of the motor with hot glue for a frost like look.

Step 4: The Last Step

After all the gluing you just need to solder the wires to the switch and to a power cord, insulate it and your done.
You can add black tape on various places like I did for the final touch, but that depends on one's taste.
I wanted this to be more of a kinetic sculpture but it turned out to work so well that now its used as a fan.

PS. The fan I used is not as dangerous as it looks; I touched it when it was spinning and it didn't do more then leave a few lines on my skin.

I hope this you'll like this 'ible' and that it will inspire someone.

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