Introduction: How to Make a Simple Mic for Computers With a Stand!

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Hi! there.
Today i  had designed a simple microphone for your computer and it just performs as the common mic you buy in 10 $  for an it store! it's very very cheap and need less hard work and it's cost will may reach to only 10 $ or 100 indian rupees  its very handy  and it has a stand  also and when you are in performing mood you can fold the stand (as seen in picture no. 2) and just sing whatever you want!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

All things you need are :

1. a small plastic bottle as shown in fig no. 01 . use a thin plastic bottle or whatever it can be can use any other type of container as per you availability cause you don't need much space cause the mic is small (i am considered about the main mic component )

2. a junk piece of  a simple spectacles with a metal frame ( you are actually going to use the fold-able  mechanism  of a spec! for making it for the stand.)you can see it's detached picture in fig. 3

3. a microphone as shown in fig 2. (it's a simple microphone with two terminals). you can see its back for determining the positive and the negative terminal or you can ask the supplier who gave you this microphone.

4. you need a lead 3.5 mm lead  you can easily remove it from you old microphone or headphones ! as shown in fig.04

5. a long wire as per your need !

6. And a base you should use a heavy base and i had used a telephone button and inserted a clay mud in it so it becomes heavy you can use  a plastic cube as in fig  no. 05 but use only a plastic cube!

7. you need three metal rods of very small shown in fig no. 5

8. that's all you need

Step 2: Steps to Build!

1. Now take the the lead if you have a head phone lead you will see three wires two of red and any other color and one of golden color  just connect the two colored wire together and make it one and you will need to remove the cover of the colored wires you can do this by burning the !. now you've got two wires one is the connected pair of two colored wires and of on golden color all thee wires must be burned to remove the cover. now you have two uncovered wires .

2. This time connect the two wires from the lead to a long wire or if the wire of lead is long enough then leave this  step.

3. Just make a hole in the back cap of the container and insert the wire in it as like as in fig. 1

4. Now connect the colored wire with the positive terminal of the microphone and the golden one with the negative terminal .

5.  Then make a number of holes in the front of the container . it's for the sound to come in. as shown in fig 2.

6. Just close the cap with the microphone and now your microphone is safe and ready you can test it  test it .

7. Now you've got a working mic and you can also use it without stand and if you want to make a stand follow next steps you can see the semi-finished product in fig  no.4. Note: you can easily use it without stand it will not decrease it's performance in any way!

8. Now comes the hot part ! Now  light a candle and make the  moving part of the detached part of the spectacle hot (as shown in fig 05)and then place the hot metal on the plastic then it will melt the plastic an get sticked (as shown in fig no. 06).

9. Just make the other side hot and insert it in the plastic base  so the plastic melts and stick with the rod. as shown in fig 01.

10. Now take three  metal sticks and  stick them by making them hot to the base for more support for more support.(as shown in fig 01.)

11. Now you have got the complete stand mic made by you. it's easy! for more support mail me  at thanks for wasting your time!

Step 3: The Finished Product

This is the finished product. For any questions mail me at
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