How to Make a Simple Minecraft House

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Minecraft House

Simple house in minecraft

Step 1: Thanks for Viewing!


Step 2: Materials

Get wood, and cobblestone. The very basics.

Step 3: Pick a Site for Your Future Home.

You want to have something that is nice and flat and near water.

Step 4: Decide on a Size

This is probably the most important step. The size of your house will make your game play entirely different.

Step 5: Start Building

It is a good idea to have windows so you can see if mobs are near so you can have the right gear on, or if you should even go out.

Step 6: Doors

These are THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS, EVER! Without these your house will be exploded in a mater of days.

Step 7: Border Your Door

It is protecting you from zombies so why not make it look nice?

Step 8: Finish Your Walls

Step 9: Roof

Having a roof IS NEEDED. (PS Make a flat roof after a few stair layers.)

Step 10: Replace Your Dirt Floor

Replace your dirt floor with cobble. this will stop cows, pigs, and other animals from spawning.

Step 11: The Inside Necessities

You definitely need the following.

1: one furnace

2: one crafting table

3: a torch in all top corners

4: a bed

Step 12: Decorate!

Be creative!

Step 13: Recipes

These are ONLY the ones you need.

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